Elos activity: Women In Science

Today is not 11th February, but we would like to celebrate the International Day of Women and Girls in Science every day. We have identified role models reading Zientzia KaieraMujeres Con Ciencia and following the hashtag #EmakumeakZientzian on Twitter, but we have also met young scientists who are doing a great job on STEM. Now we are sharing our work with you and we hope that after reading our articles, you remember some of these great women and their contribution to science.

On the one hand, we will contribute to both eTwinning projects #eTwVH and #bethechangetakethechallange. We have worked on cultural heritage topics in the first one (4. DBH) and Sustainable Development Goals in the second one (1. Batxi). Therefore, Year 4 has shared this emagazine with Batxi to be included in their research,


Elos ikastetxeko kideekin #EmakumeakZientzian gaia landu dugu. Gure iturri nagusiak Zientzia KaieraMujeres Con Ciencia eta txiolandiako #EmakumeakZientzian traola izan dira.