SDGs Posters-eTwinning Assignment 2B

Students have worked in pairs and assessed each other to create these posters for the eTwinning project #BetheChangeTaketheChallenge

Assignment_2B on Twinspace

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GClassroom assignment

Epemuga: 2017 urr. 19


– Choose a goal.
Read the pdf document about your chosen goal that you will find in the folder on GClassroom.
– Hand in your document at the end of the lesson.

Your task:
– The mind objectives: objectives are usually written using the infinitive
– The main problems: use the gerund as the subject of a sentence.
– Actions taken: What has been done up to now. Has is worked?
– Solutions: Sentence SO THAT subject modal verb Object / to infinitive

// What are the SDGs WEBSITES -FOLDER, by team Be the Change,Take the Challenge

SDGs TASK2_October: A poster. What world would you like to see in 2030?

– Work in pairs. Find somebody that has chosen the same goal as you.
– Tool: SparkAdobe (examples on GClassroom)
– Click on + -> Choose POST -> Find a template to create a poster.
SHORT TEXT= For example, “In 2030 nobody will live in slums”. Choose a couple of objectives and solutions from TASK1.
– Use the free images that SparkAdobe suggests or use the previous lesson about Copyright and Copywrong
– Share the link to the poster when you finish on GClassroom. Your poster will be assessed by your peers and you will have time to improve it during the next lesson.