What is Elos?  –  About Elos

Elos: students’ competences, school standards and a quality network

Firstly, Elos defines the learning outcomes for students, describing the various dimensions that come into play when students (and citizens in general) participate in a Europe-related context.

The Common Framework for Europe Competence applies to students at all levels of the educational system, possibly each with their own focus. The Elos concept of Europe Competence includes International Job Orientation and Entrepreneurial Skills as well as foreign languages and European history. Thus, students in both vocational and academically oriented programmes of learning will benefit from the Elos competence concept.

Secondly, Elos defines a quality standard for schools, describing the requirements for a school to be allowed to call itself an ‘Elos school’. By signing a ‘letter of commitment’, schools declare that they will work towards meeting these requirements.

Or in summary: making the European and international dimension a matter of school policy and the curriculum.

Thirdly, Elos offers an international network of schools, sharing the same objectives. In all participating countries, a national network (and/or several regional networks) of Elos schools exists. All Elos schools have adopted both the framework for Europe competence for the students, and the Elos School standard. Elos schools automatically become members of the international Elos network, which also entails:

Participating in international network meetings to share experiences and further develop the concepts and practices

  • Contributing to international evaluation and research projects
  • Having access to reliable partners, all equally committed to the common objectives with respect to the European and international orientation in education

Although Elos is a multi-dimensional concept, it is important to emphasize that the aim is to prepare students to deal constructively with a future in which the importance of the European and international dimension will continue to grow and become more evident.


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