Consumer Classroom Competition: Be green, my friend!

Our teachers met on eTwinning and invited us to share our ideas for the project last November. We introduced ourselves on a Padlet and got to know more about each other via MeetingWords  while the final web page was being arranged. We also decided the name of the project. It was very entertaining to see so many ideas and vote for the name. Afterwards, we compared some tools to measure our Ecological Footprints and the results were catastrophic . We needed too many planets, so we had to make a difference for a more sustainable world. We created questionnaires and shared them with our partners to show the results on the infographics. Videos were recorded to confront our daily behaviour as energy consumers. Some of us thought about ideas to save energy at home and some others about saving energy at school. For example, we reflected on the use of household and electrical appliances and the heating and lighting system. We wanted to become Smart Energy Consumers and save costs both at home and at school. The next step was to run a campaign at school to spread our ideas. Hands on!

This is our web page: be green

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