#EYP 2016-2017 (Intro)

EYPE is an organisation which is part of a European macro organisation, the European Youth Parliament. It is a non-political and non-profit educational project created for young people from 38 different countries at the moment. Members of this organisation are students that have taken part in international sessions of EYP and have been selected. All members of EYP are conscious of the importance that relations between countries have nowadays and our objective is to provide students the opportunity to learn and get to know the multicultural Europe. In addition, being member or having participated in the EYPE opens doors in the professional world, where EYP members are recognised because of their autonomy, responsibility and capacity to work in teams. The European Youth Parliament encourages the individual critical thinking and the sociopolitical thinking among the young people also facilitating the social and professional abilities.

Alazne, Amaia, Ane, Aritz, Beatriz and Belen took part in the Regional Selection Conference 2014-2015 that took place in UHEZI Aretxabaleta. The team was short-listed to take part in the National Selection Conference in Sevilla.

Last year the Regional Selection Conference was held in Donostia. David, Eki, Jon, Nerea and Ania represented Aniturri BHI in the event.

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