[eTwinning 1.BATX] The Universe is made of Tiny Stories TIMELINE-September-November #tinystoriesetwinning


Next assignments:

Inspiring people. 

Create a 5-minute introduction about the work of one person who inspires you.It might be your friend, your family member, a famous politician, singer, artist or anyone else. Select one photo of the person and key images from his or her career/life; organize them; add basic captions  (use of colour, subject matter, or composition, for example) in notes; explain what is unique about this person and why he/she is an inspiration.  Each school will be asked to create one/ two videos. These videos will be evaluated by other students. Our students will use an assessment rubric (to be found on our TwinSpace!) to give their peers constructive feedback on the forum.

We will choose two of our videos to be assessed by our partners.

Skype sessions. Students’ tidbits

After the Skype sessions, you will create an interactive presentation about the partners you have met. You have a document on Drive with the possible questions you can ask to get the information you need for the presentation.

Travel Diary.

Our 2 characters will travel during the year to planet EARTH and visit our school/town/country for a week. Each school will be in charge of welcoming the characters in their schools/towns and introducing their school/town and countries to the characters and ‘telling’ the characters a tiny story. We are going to write about the week in the form of a diary entry.

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