[eTwinning 1.BATX] The Universe is made of Tiny Stories #tinystoriesetwinning

  • Where are our partners from?


unit 1

September. ASSIGNMENT 1: Transnational padlet on TwinSpace

  1. Our padlethttps://padlet.com/aniturribhi/ImageStories to be included in the International Padlet.padlet1
  3. Complete the document on Drive with you Skype and gmail account
  4. Update your profiles on TwinSpace and connect with peers throughout September-October 2016. Students’ Forum is activated on TwinSpace. Read the padlets of the partner schools on TwinSpace, find them on TwinSpace and choose some students to connect with them through the TwinMail.

October. ASSIGNMENT 2: Creating and choosing an avatar.

  1. Create an avatar
  2. Vote for the best alien character. Go to Tricider and take part in the brainstorming activity.

Tools to create your avatar: 




October 2016. ASSIGNMENT 3: Country’s Tidbits

  1. Country’s Tidbits  (shared on Drive-to be completed with Santander). One Tidbit per country.
  2. Create questions based on the Tidbits to create a Kahoot and play it in a videoconference (shared on Drive to be completed with Santander)

November-December 2016. Skype sessions and Students’ Tidbits

Check list: https://goo.gl/forms/bZKQtUJHNLqAcaJD2

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