M9 #eTwinning: Interactive European Pathway UPDATED

The aim of the project is to create Interactive European Pathways. Schools from different European states will create a poster and a video about their homeland. The posters and videos will be connected via Augmented Reality app Aurasma and QR codes. Aurasma channel details, created videos and posters will be shared on-line with all participating schools. Each school will be able to print and install the posters in schools and other places (ideally with Wi-Fi). Then visitors can scan QR codes or use Aurasma to be able to watch the videos using their smartphones or tablets.

Read the description of the project on the eTwinning public profile


3. DBH worked on the posters and 4. DBH worked on the videos. Different version to be uploaded.

Our final poster and video

Basque Country

European Pathway with our partners

Our Interactive European Pathway in Agurain

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1 Batx worked on some others presentations and we interacted with different age groups. This is what the hall entrance looked like at the beginning of May (European week). Students downloaded QR code readers or Aurasma to work on the quizzes that had been shared with us and the questionnaires 1 Batx students had prepared for us. 2 Batx had already posted their pictures to show how they imagine/represent Europe in one picture and one sentence, a work carried out together with other Elos schools : FACES OF EUROPE/EUROPAREN IRUDIA.

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