3. DBH: RESPONSIBLE CONSUMERS. A visit to Kontsumobide

On January 26th we are going to go to KontsumoBIDE in Gasteiz and we will work on three different topics. Let’s do some previous work:


1.1. What is a balanced diet? Do you really know what eating healthily means? Find out how much you know about nutrition and making healthier choices. Healthy eating self-assessment.

1.2. Open the following links and play the GAMES and The Potato Story

Copy your results when you finish the games on a drive document: GAMES_xxxxx

PrintScreen (pantailazoa) & paste Control V


– Check the following link.
– Create a drive file under the name of “Saving Water”.
– Play the games and paste some screenshots on the file.
– When you finish, click on the “Turn in” button on Edmodo.


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