How can coding help you?

5 Reasons to Teach Kids to Code

Graphic from Kodable

… because it teaches you how to think

Let’s start

EASY Flappy bird. Do you like my example? It was great fun to create it https://studio.code.org/c/146732080

  • 1. Follow this link to start coding:


You will be given your password. This is your last exercise before creating a flappy bird game. When you finish, click on AMAIERA/FINISH. You will get the link of your game and your certificate of an Hour of Code.


amaiera flappy

  1. Copy the link of the games you create under this post and share them with your class. Due to high traffic, the sharing button might be disabled this week.
  2. Download the certificate of “An Hour of Code” and upload it onto Edmodo
  3. Hour of Code Reflection. Use the code you will find on Edmodo


  • 2. Was FLAPPY BIRD too easy? Try STAR WARS or MINECRAFT then.



Or scroll down and suggest another one: An Hour of Code for All Ages

  • 3. Video Library here

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