3. DBH: Let’s explore Europe


WEEK April 13-17: Europe in everyday life p. 4-9 Save this document on your Drive folder: How is the EU relevant to us?

A. Resources: 

EU enlargement. List of countries and map. Member states, candidate countries and potential candidates.

Map quizzes

Euro area animation. Where is the coin from?

WEEK: End of April- May

B. Games:

1. So you think that you are an expert on all things European? Click here and play the game: Rags to riches

2. European trivia quiz: TRIVIA QUIZ- CHALLENGE

Screetshot to be uploaded onto your drive folder with your results (Games 1. and 2. minimum)


WEEK 4-8 May, 11-15 May, 17-22 May

C. TEAMWORK. Each group will create an interactive poster. Tool: glogster

Let's explore Europe

GROUP 1: The Continent of Europe p.3-5

More Info: Geography About Europe

GROUP 2: Getting around p. 6-7

More Info: Famous landmarks and people eupediaEurope guide, Passport

GROUP 3: Languages in Europe p. 8-9

More Info: Minority languages Definition, Interactive map

GROUP 4: The history of the European Union p. 30-33

A brief history of the European Union

GROUP 5: What does the EU do? p. 34-36

More info: What ‘s in it for me? 

GROUP 6: How does the EU take decisions? p. 40-43

More info: Who does what? ,

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