DBH: The mistery of the golden starts

Click on the picture to download the story book.

EU Bookshopthe mistery of the golden stars pic

1. Read Chapters 1-3

Activity 1: Which countries are in the European Union (EU)?. Colour-code the map key and then colour in the countries according to the date each country became a Member State. Identify and label a number of capital cities.activity1



EU enlargement. List of countries and map. Member states, candidate countries and potential candidates.

Map quizzes

Euro area animation. Where is the coin from?


1. So you think that you are an expert on all things European? Click here and play the game: Rags to riches

2. European trivia quiz: TRIVIA QUIZ- CHALLENGE

Screetshot to be uploaded onto your drive folder with your results (Games 1. and 2. minimum)

2. Read Chapter 4


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