46 thoughts on “LANGUAGE ASSISTANT 2014-2015: Welcome Cady!

  1. Hello Cady, does a lot of illusion to us that you come to our institute a season. The people of here are very nice and plough you that you sit down like in house. We want to know and to ask many things you you. A kiss and up to soon.

  2. Hello Cady! Already it remains small in order that you avenge and in order that we could know you, I hope that you spend a good season here in Euskal Herria and enjoyments of your stay. Up to the next week.

  3. Hi Cady, We’re looking forward to seeing you. Don’t worry about the vegetarian food, you can find easily, ’cause we have very good vegetables in our area. We’re so pleased to have you with us. Welcome to Aniturri BHI.

  4. Hi Cady! My name is Maider. I think you’ll like very much the Basque Country. I hope you learn to speak Euskera. I’m so excited to meet you, so see you next week.

  5. Hi Cady,
    Our names are David and Joseba and we are so excited to meet you.
    Aniturri is an excelent school located in the middle of Agurain and you are going to enjoy yourself much with us.

    We hope that you will have a very good experience.

    your friends David and Joseba

  6. Hello Cady! I´m really excited to meet you too. I hope you like the Basque Country and our culture. The food here is great! You will like it. I want to learn more things about you, so you are welcome in Aniturri.

  7. Welcome Cady!

    We are Aitana and Laura. We are 15 years old so we are in dbh 4.
    We hope you like the Basque Country and the culture too.We hope you feel like at home.
    We are very excited to meet you.

  8. Hi Cady,
    I Hope you will have a great time in the Basque Country, to enjoy our culture and you learn a lot about our customs. We will see you at school with a good welcome!

  9. Hi Cady!
    My name is Amaia Olatz and I´m so happy to meet you next week. I think we will learn a lot of English with your help, so I´m very excited. I hope you to have a very good time here with us.
    See you soon!

  10. Hello Cady.

    I am very happy to receive you Aniturri and teach us that the culture of USA.
    I am anxious to learn a lot with you. I hope your stay is pleasant and that you stay as long as possible.
    See you soon.

  11. Hi Cady!
    How are you? We’re very happy to have you in Aniturri, we know that you will help us learning more English. I hope you have a great time here with us.
    See you soon!

  12. Hi Cady

    We are here awaiting your visit to are school. I hope you enjoy your stay in the Basque country and we learn a lot from each other!

    See you soon Sara and Zak

  13. Hi Cady, I’m really excited to meet you. I think that you’ll like our institute. We’re going to learn a lot of your culture and you of ours.

    See you soon. Nahia (:

  14. hello Cady! welcome to Aniturri! I’m pleased to meet.
    You enjoy your stay! forgiveness before I e written in Spanish.
    See you soon !! 😀 Irati.M

  15. Hi Cady!
    Welcome to our school 🙂 I wish you a very nice year with us and I hope you’ll learn a bit of Basque, so that you would actually say that you can speak four languages.
    See you soon !

  16. Hi Cady!
    We’re all ready for you and all your knowledge. But also, you’ve to be ready for us. Here, we love eating, so I don’t think you’re going to have any problem at the time of eating.
    Hoping to see you soon. Bye!

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