for and against

  1. Introduce the topic: For many people …  Many people think that …  However,      Though,       Although,  
  2. States the advantages: In the first place,     On the one hand,      Furthermore,       Besides,      Yet,
  3. State the disadvantages: On the other hand,         In addition,           Moreover, 
  4. Conclude your argument with a balanced summary of advantages and disadvantages and give your personal opinionIt seems to me that … From my point of view,    I think that …     I believe that …


  1. Many students choose to attend schools or universities outside their home countries. Why do some students study abroad? Use specific reasons and details to explain your answer
  2. Technology is making communication easier, but at the expense of personal contact as many people choose to work at home in front of a computer screen. What dangers are there for a society which depends on computer screens rather than face-to-face contact for its main means of communication?

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