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Best in class: Aniturri BHI School wins the First Consumer Classroom Competition

Aniturri BHI (The Basque Country) is a secondary and post-16 school located in the administrative village of Agurain, which is 20km away from Gasteiz, the capital city. This is an area where Basque language, one of the oldest languages in the world, is recovering from its lost. The school gathers 290 students (aged 12-18) from nearby small rural villages. Although Basque is the main teaching language, Spanish is the mother tongue of many students. We joined the ELOS net 7 years ago and the European Studies programme five years ago as a result of an innovative project on European Dimension we carried out under the guidance of the Basque national coordinator, Conchi Bergera.
We teach Citizenship and Civic Education in English implementing Content and Language Integrated Learning approach (CLIL/AICLE), and some other subjects’ units of work are taught in English. Apart from European innovative projects, the school is an ICT School and the schools runs projects such as Applying ICTs at the science lab, Agenda21 environmental project, Basque Language Normalization Project, The Coordinated Approach to Teach Languages and Improving the Quality in Teaching Management, all of which help us improve students’ motivation to learn and learning to learn skills as well as to ensure that all pupils succeed in completing their education.
Aniturri BHI won the first edition of the Inter-School Competition on Consumer Classroom last summer. This website was lunched by the European Commission to offer consumer education resources from across the EU, along with interactive and collaborative tools to help prepare and share lessons with students and other teachers.
We designed a digital poster focused on sustainable consumption based on the topic we were working on our Comenius partnership European Eco Warriors 21. The project we presented to the European Commission included audio visual work, some videos and an e-magazine, which covers the Environmental problems the Earth is facing.
EU Consumer Commissioner Neven Mimica said on this occasion: “The winners have shown how a great idea, enthusiasm and hard work can give a fresh perspective and raise awareness about ever evolving consumer issues. The Consumer Classroom is allowing teachers and students from all over Europe to think creatively about consumer topics and share their inspiration and their educational resources.”


The prize gave us the opportunity to travel with 42 students to Brussels in November for three days and visit the main European Union institutions. During the visit to the European Commission on 25th November, students asked the European Commissioner some questions that were decided with parents and the wider community, as we invited them to suggest us questions we could pose at the Commission. The video of the trip to Brussels has been finalized and will be published in the coming days on Consumer Classroom website, Facebook, and their next newsletter. It includes interviews to teachers and students that enhance the impact of the Elos project in our school and the enriching opportunities they have been provided through their European and international experiences. Meanwhile, we shared some pictures on a canvas and the video of the award ceremony on our blog.
The spell of good streak continued in Leuven at the European Studies programme conference in March. Our group J15 was awarded for excellence in group collaboration of partner schools across Europe. Pupils communicated and shared project work within their group and developed ICT skills, research and cultural awareness in collaboration with their peers.

es award group

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