4. DBH-ONLINE SHOPPING: 2nd Consumer Classroom Competition

Why might we shop online for something we can get at a store?

Vocabulary: Online payments

Let’s start with a quiz:


What consumer rights do you have when shopping online? See more clicking HERE Eu HEMEN

TASK 1: Find some relevant information and share the links on drive.

TASK 2: Think about a problem and how you will record the situation. Create a video. Think about the possible solutions to the problem.

Prepare a video, multimedia lesson or series of photos with your partner class on the theme of ‘Online Shopping’:

  • Video entries must be less than 3 minutes in length and should not be more than 80MB in size. Prepare a video to showcase good practices in online shopping; you can illustrate dangers, benefits, safeguards and your ideas whether it is worthwhile using online shops and other services.
  • Multimedia lesson: Build a multimedia presentation showing the advantages and disadvantages of shopping online. The lesson can include slideshows, charts, animations, podcasts, videos and much more.

TASK 3: Create a presentation (infographic?) Shopping online: Do’s and Don’t

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