aniturribhi asks EU Comissioner in Brussels


During the visit to the European Commission on 25th November, our students had the chance to ask the European Commissioner some questions. We would like to share them with you. The winning team designed the project “Environmental problems the Earth is facing”, a digital poster focused on sustainable consumption for the first Consumer Classroom Competition.

 consumer classroom winners

WATCH THE VIDEO published by the European CommissionCLICK HERE

1. As an Elos school with European orientation, we are working on a Comenius project and researching about reducing energy costs at school and at home. We have held a meeting with our partners from France, N. Ireland, UK and Germany, and we have seen that there are differences among us when we talk about implementing Directive 2009/72/EC. There is a big concerned in our country due to the high cost of electricity. The consumers in the Spanish State pay the most expensive energy in Europe. We have undergone several reforms, but it seems competitiveness never arrives. Is there a way not to dismantle the renewable energy sector? We learn at school that renewable energy should be promoted and used, but then, the sector is at risk. How can we understand this? How are we going to meet the target 20-20-20 if renewables cannot be implemented in our country because of the reforms in the sector?


2. On the other hand, when we check our bills, we see that we are paying for a tariff deficit which seems to have no end. We are told that we owe 28.000 million euros to five energy suppliers. However, these energy companies seemed to have earned 40.000 million euros in the last 10 years. Is there a way to audit these 5 big energy firms? An audit would let us see if we are really paying such big amounts of money because of the distribution and transportation costs, capacity payments, incentives for renewable energy and domestic coal, the cost of non-mainland generation, repayment of previous deficits, and other costs of the system.


3. Could it be possible not to have so many plastic and paper on packages by law? Recycling is ok, but the solution would be not to produce so much waste. Consumers are asked to recycle, but are producers asked not to produce so much packaging waste?


4. Using our phone overseas (roaming) is really expensive although we know there is a euro-tariff now. When do you think it will disappear within Europe? When we travel abroad, we see that the price of the internet is not as expensive as in our country. Why?


5. Minority languages and consumers.

Big retailers, banks, energy suppliers, transport companies and similar common good suppliers used to be fined if they didn’t offer the information about their goods and services in both Basque and Spanish language. It was a way to promote a minority language (Basque language is one of the oldest in Europe) since it was visible and used, but the regulation was changed a couple of years ago. We can complain because a gadget doesn’t work or because the price was wrong, but we cannot complain if we cannot use Basque language as a customer. There is not such a unit at the office of consumer’s affairs. Is there a way to promote the protection of consumers who are minority language speakers at least when they go to the Consumer Service in big shops? We don’t like to complain every day. It is an added effort for Basque speakers, so we find it hard to complain each time our rights are violated. There is a regulation (123/2008), but there is not a fine when it is not fulfilled. What is the regulation for?


6. Although surveys indicate that consumers reject the use of transgenic crops because of the uncertainty that exists concerning their future consequences on health and on the environment, the use of transgenic is increasing. Why are not transgenic crops banned in Europe? Or at least, why are not GMOs clearly indicated in the products we consume?


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environmental poster

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