18 thoughts on “3. DBH EUROPEAN INSTITUTIONS 2013

  1. We have played all the games! They are funny and interesting, but the best are the games of the flags and the European Union’s quiz. We have had a great time playing.
    Good bye!

    Aitziber and Beatriz

  2. The games are very funny, but some questions are a bit difficult. We have learnt a lot today. It’s very interesting learn about the EU playing games.

  3. The games are very interesting, we have played the most of them. It’s very nice to learn something else about European Union. We think it’ll help us for studying to the exam on friday.

  4. The games are too good to learn, but some questions are quite difficoult to answer. We enjoyed a lot playing the quiz game at school. Too fun the activity.

  5. I only played the trivial game. It is interesting and funny. I have learnt a lot of but there are some difficult questions

  6. The games are really interesting, I havenĀ“t played a lot of them, but the ones that I have played are very funny and educative. I like this type of games because you can learn a lot about the European Union. My favourite game is the trivial and I think I will use it to study for the exam on Friday.

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