1. The First game, European map, was very interesant. I scored 80 points.
    The second game, was very funny but more difficult. I have hit a 5 percentage points for each quiz.
    I prefer the first one, because I learn more and was more funny than the second game.

  2. I had a 83% in the first game. There isn´t very difficult but I´m not very good working whith the maps and I use one, for some countries.

  3. My mark in the second game is 5.
    This game is more difficult than the first. In my opinion the quiz ins´t as easy as it should.

  4. The first game there isnt more difficult, my marc there is 83%.
    The second game there is more difficult, my marc is 8 point. I dont like the geography.

  5. This game is funny and is well to learn the names of the europenan countries. I think that it is a beautiful game. My score is 8.

  6. The first game is easier than the second one and more entertained. I score 80 points in the first game but in the second game I have scored only 4 out of 10 points.

  7. The first game is very easy and interesting to learn the countries of europe. My puntuation has been %70.
    The second game is more difficult but is very interestingo to learn more about something. My puntuation has been 5 of 10.

  8. I have reviewed a map of Europe before I’ve played in the first game, it hasn’t been very difficult, my score in that game has been 86%; I have had a good score but I dont like geography.
    The second game is more difficult than the first; my mark in the second game has been 6/10. This game is too difficult.

  9. The first game is the enjoyest but is too difficult I scored 60%, but in de second game I scored 5 out of 10 points.

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