Hello Students!

How is Agurain treating you? I’ve missed hanging out with you all since I’ve left, but I’m sure you’ve all been getting on alright. I hear your language assistant this year is from Britain. Is his accent easier or harder than mine to understand?
Since I left, I’ve traveled a bit.  First, I went to Vietnam and Laos, in Asia.  I was there for a month.  Then I went to Chicago, in the U.S., where I attended Lollapalooza, a huge music festival.  From there, I went to work on an island in Lake Erie, Michigan, called Mackinac Island. After that, I went home to San Francisco, and I’ve been here ever since.  I work as an account manager for a website called www.simplyhired.com.  For fun, I hike a lot, and enjoy going to the beach.
I do miss you all a lot and hope that you’re all doing well.  I miss the food quite a bit as well. The chorizo in the U.S. just isn’t the same!  If any of you make it to the United States, be sure to contact me!



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