Gaur Unai Pascual egon da gurean. Ikerlari arabar baten ibilbidea nolakoa izan den jakin dugu, Mr. Potatorena, alegia. Egia esan, hitzaldia oso interestarria iruditu zaigu nahiz eta goseak amorratzen egon: DECISION TIME.

The more you walk (looking at El Caminante), the more you want to learn.

Unai Pascual is a professor of ecological economics at Cambridge. He links power+economics+environment in his researches. He applies his ongoing research to the problem of climate change. His main aim is to create new ideas about the socioeconomic dimension of climate change. There is a direct link between poverty and deforestation that he has seen around the world, for example when he worked in Yucatan.. Which are the effects that greenhouse effects and climate change cause on people? We depend too much on fossil fuel and we need solutions soon.

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  1. Kaixo Aniturriko lagunak,
    espero dut nere hizketalditxotik zerbait interesgarria ikasi izana.
    Unai (Dr. Arabako potato).

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