This is our contribution to Spring Day 2010. The students from Aniturri BHI have learnt about their partner countries in the European Studies programme. The display includes information about their partner schools and the postcards we got from them.


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20 thoughts on “SPRING DAY 2010

  1. Thank you Idoia.You are a very good teacher and friend. I learned a lot of english with you!! I will see you next year!!


  2. This project is very long but it is funny.
    We speak about the project in class and we explain the different places.

  3. I like the project. I enjoy doing the display and I know more about other countries: their schools, their religion and the geography.
    The photos are nice because our work is shown in the pictures.

  4. We liked this project because we have stuck together and we have shared our comments and we have spoken English.
    The photos are very nice.
    we will see you next year.

  5. I like the project.I know more about other countries their schools, their religion and geography, but I would like to know more going to those places.
    The photos are very good.

  6. The spring day proyect it´s very enjoy and interesting. In this proyect I´m learn thincs that other´s countrys and I´m have spoken English.
    The photos are very nice and funny and the project is fantastic.

    I´m love you Idoia! Kiss!

  7. I like this project. Te photos are very nice.
    Idoia you are a very crazy tacher but very funny.
    Now I know more about the other countries.

    Thank you 😉
    xxx 🙂

  8. I like this page and the photos are very beautiful. I the class is “buen royito” and I learnt a lot of things.
    Good bye and no “t**ng the b*ls”

  9. I like this project!!! The photos are very good. I study the school of the other countries. And Rober el puto amo!!!

  10. Hello!
    I learned a lot from this project and have fun. I found it very interesting to see different places.

  11. Idoia and all your students,

    This is a good example of Europe being real at school. I am sure you won´t forget about it. You have done a great job!!!



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