GENDER ROLE (a comment by Robert)

I was really surprised speaking with the students about gender roles and the way families work here.  While I was learning about Spain in my Spanish classes back home, we did a few exercises on “Machismo” and sexism in Spain.  But after speaking with the students it seems like they area all very open-minded about gender roles, and both girls and boys view women very highly in Basque society.

 They think that both women and men are capable of doing the same work, that they have the right to do whatever they want, regardless of what it might signify in a societal context. The boys think very highly of both their mothers and their sisters, and believe that women should have all the same rights as men do. They were also comfortable wearing pink clothing, while many men in the U.S. are not.

 If anything, the girls might have been a little more conservative than the boys.  While they were very open-minded they did think more conservatively concerning gender roles, especially concerning women working outside the home full-time.

 We didn’t have a chance to talk about gay couples having children, but I did notice that they laughed when they saw the pictures.  This seems normal to me though, as teenage boys laugh at things that make them uncomfortable, and sexuality is usually one of those things.

5 thoughts on “GENDER ROLE (a comment by Robert)

  1. I’ don’t agree with Robert because the girls they aren’t more conservations that the boys. The girls they can work outside the home and is not happening nothing.

  2. I don´t agree that girls are more conservative than the boys. I think it is a good idea women work outside the home full-time, like the men.
    I agree with his other ideas.

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