Read page 56 here: McDonald\’s and Globalisation On Trial in France from It’s a small world, Europees Platform


1. Which clues do you find in the text that indeed “this is no local farmers battle”?

2. Why would Business Week have “elevated Bové into the ranks of the 50 ‘Stars of Europe’? Type on Google ‘José Bové’. Take some notes about his biography.

3. Why did Bové supporters make use of ‘webcasting’ (=news coverage via the Internet)? Is there a difference between an official media (e.g. CNN) and an independent point of view?

4. What is Indymedia? Is there an Indymedia Media Center in the Basque Country?

5. Explain the terms ‘macdomination, Mc-exploitation, ‘coca-colonisation’ and ‘Disneyfication’. For more information on actions against macdomination click on macdomination

One thought on “GLOBAL PROTESTS

  1. Since I’ve been in the Basque Country, I’ve developed an addiction to chorizo. Every time I have some, I want more, and I am constantly on the search to find the best chorizo in Spain (I currently have a longaniza chorizo, from Salamanca, in my refrigerator).

    After reading this article today, I realize that I have an excuse:

    My addiction to chorizo could actually be a true, biochemical addiction. I think I will only be cured when I finally return to the United States, where decent chorizo is hard to find.

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