The girl child quiz   Child labour quiz  The Cost of life

the water family

toilet day World Toilet Day- 19 November

Based on the old favourite Tiddlywinks, the aim of the game is to flick ‘turdlywink‘ counters into ‘toilet’ targets to help achieve WaterAid’s vision of 100 percent sanitation coverage. Test your skill by playing now, but be careful – if you miss you’ll make a mess!

Who wants to raise a million? How much do you know about water and sanitation?

Help people in Nepal, Ghana and Ethiopia to build a clean water supply. http://www.wateraid.org/other/games/pani/game/index.html

http://www.unicef.org/voy/hivaidsgame/shell/index.html A game about relationships of four teenagers. Love flirtation or friendship?

HIV and AIDS quiz: http://www.unicef.org/voy/explore/aids/713_hiv_quiz.php


  1. The game are good but we couldn’t play two games because we couldn’t download the plugins to play more games.

    We only played ‘girl quiz’ and it is an interesting and entertaining game, but I got bored because I couldn’t play the other games

  2. The games are very good but I don`t like girl child quiz. My favourite game is Child labour quiz, The Cost of life, The water family. This game is very interesting and I enjoyed myself with the games.

  3. The games are good, but the girl child quiz and child labour quiz are boring.
    My favourite game is the water family bacause it is an enjoyable game.

  4. The quizes are a little boring, but we learn about HIV and AIDS,child…
    The other games are more exciting than the quizes. Also, there are unusual games.

  5. In my opinion, the games are good, but there are only four games. I don’t like the girl child quiz, I think it is very boring.
    I like the water family and child labour quiz because I think there are funny and interesting.
    I think overall the games are funny.

  6. I don’t like the games very muchbecause I can’t play on the games “The Cost of life” and “the water family” because my computer hasn’t got the “plugin” program. Besides, the games “The girl child quiz” and “Child labour quiz” are very boring.

  7. The girl quiz game is good because with this game you can improve your social culture. With this game you can improve your knowledge and I like this kind of games. The game, not only this game, are a little bit boring because there are questions. In my opinion, it is good to play this kind of games.

  8. The games are great, but I don’t like the quiz because it is a bit boring .
    The water family is very interesting and I liked it.

  9. I like the water family game very much, the other games are very good, but I liked the water game because it is very interesting and has a lot of parts to play. It also had a very inportant message: the use of the water. The toilet day game is interesting but it is very short and the girl child quiz subject is interesting but it isn’t funny.

  10. In my opinion the games are little bit boring because I didn’t understand what the objective of the games is, but in general, the games are entertaining.
    The games are very good to work the subject of citizenship.
    In my opinion, the best game is “water family” and the worst game is “the girl child quiz”.

  11. I play in the help people in Nepal, Ghana and Ethiopia to build a clean water supply. Because my computer isn´t plugins.

  12. In my opinion, the games are a little boring, but the “water family” is entertaining. I did not play all the games because of the plugins.

  13. I really like family water game. It’s wonderfull!!! You can choose your own family and you can learn a lot of wather.
    Thank you for this games

  14. The games are good. The game that I prefer
    is “water family”, but the game to help people in Nepal, Ghana and Ethiopia is really wonderful too.

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