title20bar1Joko bat proposatzen dizuet oraingoan, baina aurretik honako informazioa irakurri beharko duzue, jokoa ez baita oso erraza. Diagrama bat agertuko zaizue eta bertan sakatuz gero instituzio bakoitzari buruzko azalpena irakurri beharko duzue eta apunteak koadernoan jaso.

Amaitzerakoan blogean mezu bat plazaratu eta jokoa nola joan den azaldu behar duzue.

Jokoa/The game:


  1. I didn’t like so much the games. The questions were difficult, and when you make the line to finish the line it was very difficult to move the little blue balloon. If you touch a little bit the wall the computer said: oops!, and you have ten points less.

  2. The game is very interesting but there is a lot of information and it isn’t easy to win the game. Besides in the game there is a lot of very interesting information about other countries of the European Union. With this game you can learn a lot about others countries. I like more the game of the building.

  3. The game is good to learn about the europar parlament, but not to enjoy.
    This is strange because you can play the game even if you don´t give the right answer. I don´t do the game right, I fail some questions. Iprefer the first game, the teatris game. Because is a short than the other game.

  4. This games are fine to study something about the European parlaments and more things… It’s not bad. I prefer the first, the maze, it’s beter than the other one. It’s more interesting…

  5. I played the game of the comecocos with questions. I think it is a good game to learn different things, but I don´t like it.

  6. The games are interesting to study something about the European parliament…but the questions were difficult. I note in a paper the information but the game continued being difficult.

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